Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Atlanta wig maker sues rapper Nicki Minaj for $30 million

By Tenisha Mercer

She's known as much by her raw lyrics as she is by her colorful wigs and eccentric hairstyles. And now an Atlanta 'wig guru' and hair stylist is suing top-selling rapper Nicki Minaj for $30 million, claming she stole the colorful wig designs he created.

The wig that Nicki Minaj is wearing is at the heart of a lawsuit
Terrence Davidson filed suit in district court in Atlanta on Friday.  In his complaint, he alleges that Minaj stole his designs AND cost him a reality show deal. Davidson began working as Minaj's hair stylist in January 2011, and later began making wigs that she wore for appearances.

Those wigs are at the heart of Davidson's lawsuit, because he claims the wigs are now for sale under Minaj's name -- without his permission -- on her site and in other retail outlets.

"I see these wigs online," Davidson, who has also worked with Patty Labelle and rapper Remy Ma, told CNN. He has also worked with others in the industry, including singer Patti LaBelle and rapper Remy Ma. "People are basically duplicating what I created for Nicki Minaj."
In his suit, Davidson says he designed several wigs for Minaj, including the "Pink Upper Bun Wig," the "Fox Fur Wig," and the "Half Blonde-Half Pink Wig." Davidson told CNN there were plans for a wig line and discussions about a possible reality show.
Let's see how all of this unfolds.

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