Thursday, March 27, 2014

What age is too young for fake hair?

By Tenisha Mercer

Hair conditioning begins real early. It's not uncommon to hear babies of 2, 3 years old, given perms. And we're seeing children as young as elementary school rocking weaves. Whatever happened to ponytails and barrettes using a child's OWN natural hair?

Young child wearing braids with artificial hair  

I think it's a dangerous thing when a child associates swingin' hair with hair that isn't theirs; it's someone else's. And then we wonder why folks are addicted to weaves. It's because they've been wearing them since they were knee high, whether it's braids or fake ponytails.

So, what's the age limit on fake hair? I've seen a 4-5 year old child wearing fake braids, and I'm sure there is some little kid walking around with some weave. These kids not going to have hairlines by the time they are 13!

How young is too young for fake hair?

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