Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Curly Nikki Debuts Better Than Good Hair

By Tenisha Mercer

Time to cop that new book by Curly Nikki, aka Psychlogist Nikki Walton

Curly Nikki's new book, "Better than Good Hair," hit bookshelves on Tuesday.

Let's show Nikki some love and buy the book like it's a holy grail new hair product, LOL. It is the holy grail of natural hair, only it's in a book. This is big, ya'll. For years, Curly Nikki has given us hair advice -- for free.

So, let's go out there and support Curly Nikki on (if you haven't purchased online already) and at bookstores (I heard you get a free $10 Shea Moisture coupon when you buy a print copy through Feb. 2, until supplies last) like natural hair is going out of style!

Have You Bought Nik's Book Yet?

Nik has been doing the interview circuit promoting her book, appearing on Steve Harvey Show and Russ Parr this morning. And it sounds like she'll be a recurring guest on the Steve Harvey show; she's all on Steve's homepage. Let's help Nikki make natural hair the platform we've always wanted; let's make this bigger than big.  #NaturalLove. 

The more her book sells and the more she's heard in the media, the larger the natural hair platform will be. Not saying that folks will "accept" us anymore, but at least they'll have a broader understanding of natural hair.

Plus, yours truly is supposed to be in the book. Curly Nikki was supposed to feature a quote I left in her Curly Nikki forum; I'll be buying a copy just to see if my quote is still there. In case you didn't know, folks are going to look at Nik's booksales something fierce. The better her book does, the more room we'll have for the rest of us to do well (cause you know they look at book sales in specific genres to determine follow-up efforts).

Will you buy "Better than Good Hair"?

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