Friday, January 25, 2013

Robin Roberts Wears A Bald Head on Good Morning America

By Tenisha Mercer

Robin Roberts during her trial run on GMA
After a bone marrow transplant in September, Good Morning America Host Robin Roberts has returned to the anchor chair as part of a series of off-air trial runs --- and she's sporting a bald head.

Roberts, who suffers from a blood marrow blood disorder and has battled breast cancer, is testing how her body responds to the studio environment and rigorous TV morning show host schedule. She looks great!

Will she rock a bald head on the show? I hope she does. It's possible she could make the TV industry more open to different hairstyles, in an industry that clings to chin-length straight hair styles.

Remember how the reporter in Louisiana was allegedly fired for her natural hair? Roberts is so brave and courageous, it doesn't matter what hairstyle she wears. Just glad to have her back on the show. Pending the outcome of her trial runs, she's expected to return on air in a few weeks.

What do you think of Robin's hair?


  1. I love Robin's hair! She's awesome. After her treatment of breast cancer, I thought her natural hair was beautiful. I was disappointed when she relaxed it again after it had grown out.

  2. I like Robin's natural hair, too. I hope she stays natural this time.