Thursday, January 3, 2013

Follow HairNista on Instagram

By Tenisha Mercer

Kicking and screaming, I took a seat at the Instagram table in July ... and really haven't promoted it much or even used it much at all since my initial sign-up.  Now, I love how other folks use it -- to capture in-the moment ish -- but me?

Not so much. I just haven't caught on to it yet. Maybe it has something to do with how I actually have to think for a minute or two about how to use it, get frustrated as hell, then move on to something else.

ADD, much?

And my Instagram damn log-in screen on my mobile phone, where all of my pictures are, apparently isn't working correctly. I'mma need to put in a help email to Instagram or something. I may have some Instagram issues, but folks are getting lotsa love on the 'gram.

There are Instagram stars, especially in the natural hair community, who have developed cult followings with hundreds of pictures showing their every hair style. Not to mention stars like Ri-Ri and Bey, who post their daily musings and goings on, in real-time.

Overcoming the Instagram Hump

Honestly, I've just got a lot going on. And sometimes just one more thing -- even something like Instagram -- is enough to make me lose it. At first Instagram was kinda random. But after I saw how  many naturals were on it, I knew the potential was there.

 I. Just. Don't. Have. Time.

Le sigh.

Between multiple blogs, websites I manage, Facebook, Pinterest and the occasional (and I do mean occasional) tweet on Twitter, I'm tapped out,  ya'll.  Fo' reals. I haven't uploaded any of my pics to Instagram.

But, I'm posting this as a form of motivation. If you care to, follow me on Instagram. Follow HairNista313 on Instagram. I promise I'll post pics. If you're on Instagram, follow me and I'll follow you! Or stop by to comment on a pic.

I promise I'll join the party before it's too late. If I can just get this mobile Instagram to work on my phone ...

Are you on Instagram?

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