Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dry Shampoo for Natural Hair

By Tenisha Mercer

Dry shampoo
One of the things I like best about wearing my hair straight is the relative ease of it -- no wetting it, no slathering products; it's simple and easy to do. Add a little bit of castor oil in my palms, style and I'm done. But what I hate with straight hair is that I can't cleanse it -- without going through the washing, blowdrying and flat iron process all over again. And let's face it, I'm not going to shell out $50 for a blowout  -- not to mention the time spent in the salon -- just to wash my hair all over again after just a week or so.

But straight hair that hasn't been washed in weeks can get kind of messy. This may be TMI, but the lack of water on my scalp often means that my scalp starts to flake (remnants of eczema, I believe). It's tough when you consider that so many naturals wash their hair mostly every 3-4 days or every week. And to maintain a straight style means that you'll have to go weeks without water or cleaning your hair.

Cray, cray, right?

Shampoo? What Shampoo?

Which leads me to dry shampoos.

I've seen them before, and I largely dismissed them. But when you're wearing your hair straight -- or when you want to refresh a curly style -- they're something to think about.

I feel my PJism just bubbling up. But before I go out and obnoxiously research dry shampoos for natural hair and dry shampoo reviews, do any of you have experience with this? I just want something to keep my scalp fresh during my workouts. And hopefully cut down on the scalp flaking, especially since I'm committed to wearing my hair straight until the summer.

I have no idea if these products work or don't work. Your thoughts?

Check out this dry shampoo video by Vivalacious.

Are dry shampoos effective on natural hair? Which brands?

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