Thursday, January 10, 2013

Target Launches A Price Matching War

By Tenisha Mercer

Besides hair and fashion, saving money is my other passion. I like to save money whenever and wherever I can; it's addictive, really, and (almost) nothing makes me happier than a good deal (maybe a good deal on hair productsk,maybe?).

Soo, you know there's no better than when my fave retailer -- Target -- gets in a virtual price war with other retailers. Yesterday, Tarjay announced it would match prices customers find on,, or

Now, I know and aren't THE places to go for natural hair products, but still. This is a game changer, yo! It means that, finally, you can use your mobile phone to look up a price and, if it's cheaper, show it to Target and they'll honor the cheaper price as long as it's at one of the applicable retailers.

Expect other retailers to come up with price-matching deals of their own. And the best part -- consumers win!

This stuff usually happens only during the holidays (Target had matched prices for the holidays). Now, it's 365! Cha ching! Look at it this way: Every dollar you save on electronics is another dollar that you can spend on hair products!

Check out my thrift store haul vid below.

                                         Source: YouTube

What are your money-saving strategies?

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