Friday, January 18, 2013

Michelle Obama Unveils New Hairstyle on Twitter

By Tenisha Mercer

First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled a new do -- a chic, tapered cut with bangs -- on Twitter last night. The news started out as First Lady's new Twitter handle, @FLOTUS, but it quickly turned to the tweet with the pic of her new hairstyle.

The look is so refreshing for First Lady, and I love it.

But those bangs, tho! The First Lady has bangs! They're slightly feathered and light, short but not too short, to hide her beautiful facial features. They're tapered and longish at the sides, probably to allow for maximum hair options.

Bangs are popular, with celebs like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian -- and now none other than First Lady Michelle Obama - rocking them. So expect bangs to be even bigger now that FLOTUS is wearing them.

The new cut beautifully frames her face, is stylish, elegant, yet so First Lady-like. The cut is a very flattering style that looks good on most faces. Her hair is still thick and shiny (is she still natural?) yet, you can clearly tell she got a serious shaping/cut from her former hair style, though still shoulderish length.

FLOTUS' curly bob style
First Lady's signature bob style

First Lady's pulled back style

It's definitely a cut which makes First Lady, who turned 49 today (Happy Birthday, FLOTUS!) look more refreshed and current. Won't necessarily say "youthful" but I will say it's definitely a trendier cut and a departure from her former styles, which have included semi-bob cuts of various lengths and pulled back hair and chignons.

Might the new cut be for her birthday or for the upcoming inaguration? Hmm ....

What do you think of FLOTUS' new hairstyle?

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